For unlimited entry and exit into the Eagle Leather Fetish Playroom, Sexpo recommends purchasing the Platinum Pass. Not only will the Platinum Pass give you a whole host of other benefits, it will also give you unlimited access to all of Sexpo’s other Lounges.

Eagle Leather

Be sure to check out Eagle Leather’s amazing FETISH PLAYROOM and stand at SEXPO 2017.  Immerse yourself in the sexy allure of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism as you watch incredible performances from some of Australia’s most highly regarded fetish elite.  Enter with an open mind, if you dare…. You may never be the same again!

Eagle Leather is an iconic Melbourne fetish store now in its 24th year.  At their huge Hoddle Street store, brightly lit and clean surroundings show off their expansive collection of high-end fetish fashion, toys, and bondage gear; set amidst a modern aerosol art backdrop, glass cubes and a whole lot of stainless steel.

Eagle Leather is highly regarded for their expansive leather clothing label, which is produced in house in their leather workshop. The crew values the quality of the gear above all else, and their aim is to produce high end clothing that will last you a lifetime. No corners are cut in production, and they use only the best quality hides for all of their manufacturing.  Eagle Leather has also built a name for themselves in the realm of rubber, by sourcing the best quality latex from suppliers both locally and around the globe. With the largest range of latex in Melbourne, their dimly lit Rubber Room is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate rubbery shopping experience!

Over the years, Eagle Leather has been rewarded by many accolades, including “Australia’s Best Independent Adult Store” and “Australia’s Best Adult Sex Education Program” at the Eros Shine Awards. In addition, co-owner BJ took home the prize for Australia’s “Best Sex Educator” and “Best BDSM Master” for his work running classes and workshops, as well as demonstrations and performances on an array of topics including impact play, bondage and electric sex.

Eagle Leather are also huge supporters of the local BDSM community through a significant amount of sponsorship of events and community club donations, as well as regularly playing host to many highly respected local and international sex educators and performers. Presenters at Eagle Leather workshops have included such famous names as Osada Steve (JPN), Felix Ruckert (GER), Satomi Zpira (JPN), Lukas Zpira (FR), Hajime Kinoko (JPN), Janet Hardy (USA), Dirk Caber (USA), Tristan Taormino (USA), Roughinamorato (USA), John Pendal (UK), Esinem (UK), Master Jock (NZ), Mistress Tokyo (AUS) and many more!


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