Sexpo Host | Sam Bramham

We are incredibly privileged to welcome Paralympic gold medallist Sam Bramham to the fold for SEXPO Melbourne 2017.

Bramham certainly made a splash when he broke the 100m butterfly world record at the 2004 Athens Paralympics, not to mention cheekily convincing an American journalist that his leg had been mauled off by a kangaroo. This sense of humour and drive carried over to the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, where he again took gold. In 2009, Bramham was awarded the medal of the Order of Australia for his role in the 2008 Paralympics, and in 2014 he not only competed in Big Brother Australia, but penned his autobiography; Three-Quarter Man: Pranks, Passion and Paralympics.

Bramham has had regular radio spots on SEN, ABC, SYN FM, Vision Australia and JOY FM, talking both able-bodied and disabled sport. His irreverent sense of humour and positive attitude are in perfect alignment with a refreshed and progressive SEXPO for the future.

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SEXPO Host | Belinda Love

Belinda Love is our very own love and empowerment coach and founder of B.Loved; teaching ways to feel loved every day despite your relationship status. When she isn’t at SEXPO, Belinda is running courses and seminars on love and trust for both singles and couples, coaching people one on one and appearing on Brisbane radio & TV discussing important topics surrounding love.

Based in Brisbane, Belinda won our SEXPO Idol competition in 2015 and now travels all over Australia hosting SEXPO. Belinda’s cheekiness, happiness, humour and zest for life are a perfect reflection of SEXPO’s progressive values, and she would be thrilled to say hi to you, so grab a Platinum Pass and meet both Belinda and all the wonderful SEXPO talent back stage!

“Sex is a very important part of love and being a part of SEXPO is truly amazing. I am grateful and excited to be representing what SEXPO is all about – sexuality, health and lifestyle. I can’t wait to see you there!”

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