Sexpo Convention Wins Trademark Protection in US

By August 8, 2017News

QUEENSLAND, Australia—Adult lifestyle show Sexpo has successfully enforced its federally protected trademark in the United States.

The enforcement was overseen by Australian law firm IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers through the engagement of New York attorneys Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman. Sexpo’s success in defending its intellectual property rights has resulted in the cancellation of one show in New York and the name change of another in Chicago.

Sexpo general manager Rob Godwin stated, “There had been blatant infringements of our internationally protected trademark by companies trying to leverage off the reputation and powerful brand of Sexpo. In both instances, various companies made attempted to ‘pass off’ the use of our trademark which has resulted in domain name and company changes, venue and sponsor cancellation, removal of infringing material and most importantly of all, the knowledge that Sexpo will vigorously protect its brand assets within all of the territories it operates. Sexpo has major plans for the North American market in the next 12 months with the support of our key US and European partners and we will continue to develop our core asset base with intellectual property protection and expansion at the forefront.”

Sexpo currently has seven international shows in Australia and South Africa, with new shows planned for Auckland New Zealand, London, Germany and America in its current internationalisation program.

The next Sexpo takes place May 14-16 in Adelaide, South Australia.


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